Saturday, November 26, 2011

Other Christmas Gifts

Here are some of the smaller projects I have elected to tackle for the holidays: most were done in a day, and made a great distraction from all that quilting.

Apron for friend K

OK, so this one was a little overdue. I think I recruited her to pick out her fabric... LAST Christmas? But, this year I finally sat down and DID it, so... here's a Hello Kitty Apron for a friend!

And a closeup of the adorable fabric, just because.

Like last time, the pattern came from Butterick 4945. I was very excited that this time around, I actually figured out how to attach the straps to the apron correctly: now I just have to decide if I want to go re-do the 2 previous aprons I made.

Pillowcases for Niece M

Last time we were back visiting my husband's family, my Sister-In-Law mentioned some Care Bear fabric that she had, that she had been storing for years and hadn't had any time to do anything with. I of course, said that if she had a project in mind, I'd be happy to take a stab at it for her. Without missing a beat, she said "Pillowcases!"

I got the pattern from my mom, who in turn got it from The Cotton Patch in CA. Isn't the bottom strip a perfect match? It was my husband of all people, who spotted it in the Batiks section of The Savage Quilter. These pillowcases are 100% french seams on the exposed edges, and it took me about a day a pillow.

If course, SOMEONE in the family had to immediately test them for cuddle-ability, and Elliott was more than willing to take one for the team.

Maybe I can put in a tag - 100% kitty certified? These pillowcases are in fact going to the same home as Care Bear Stare from 2010.

Stockings for friend M

And, it has been a time for matched accessories, because my friend M, brilliant purveyor of a flamingo-pink christmas tree and recipient of my Gnoma Claus Tree Skirt last year was due another birthday gift. I had about a fat quarter's worth of fabric left after the skirt last year, and that was *just* enough to make some more of my slightly-legendary stockings:

I don't think she has a fireplace, but I am sure they will get hung *somewhere* with care... she's promised me more pictures when they do.

And, that's about it: in an ideal world, I have 3 more stockings to do (2 brothers and a SIL), and oh, three quilts to finish by Christmas. We'll see what I can actually get done.

In the meantime, merry crafting!

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  1. When I hit the picture of the pink stockings I just gasped, they are just so sweetly cuter than the dickens. Do not normally think of pink for Christmas but those are awesome. About the pillowcases, it IS amazing how some fabrics that you do not think to put together just really go and bring out the best in each other. That is one of the things I love about quilting- putting together all those selections. Then why do I sometimes buy kits? Because there are folks out there who do an amazing job of pulling together combos I never would have thought to and it just feeds some sort of color saturation addiction I guess.