Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Finishes

My big project for 2011 was putting together my wedding. But, I found some spare time for quilting, and here's what I got done


Batik Beauty:

Completed: July 2011
Original design and piecing by RLQ
Professionally quilted by Another Mary Ann
Given to Niece T upon completion and via US Mail

Rainbow Off the Rails:

Completed: September 2011
Design adapted from 90 Minute Quilts
Piecing AND Quilting by RLQ

Spookyville 1

 Completed September 2011
Original design, piecing and quilting by RLQ
Gifted to Baby L at his shower on 10/7/11

 Sunset Surprise

Completed October 2011
Pattern from Quilt Magazine
Piecing and quilting by RLQ

Basket of Joy

Completed Dec 2011
Pattern adapted from Fabric Freedom
Pieced and quilted by RLQ
Gifted to Neice A for Christmas 2011

Charity Quilt for a Princess

Completed December 2011
Design, piecing and quilting by RLQ
Originally intended for 100 Quilts for Kids, which had a due date of October 15. Oops!



Completed July 2011
Butterick 4945
Made by RLQ

Apron 3:

Completed November 2011
Butterick 4945
Made by RLQ
Gifted to Friend K for Christmas 2011


Completed November 2011
Instructions from The Cotton Patch
Made by RLQ for niece M


Completed November 2011
Instructions adapted from (book forthcoming)
Made by RLQ
Gifted to Friend M on her Birthday 2011

Emerald City Pillow

Completed December 2011
Designed, pieced, and quilted by RLQ
Gifted to Mom O for Christmas


Quilts: 6
Other: 8

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  1. Your 2011 accomplishments are very impressive! And I love the format and approach of chronicling a year's worth of creativity and craftsmanship.