Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Completions

You know you're tuned in to your hobbies when you have to read your own quilt blog to remember what the heck you did this year, right? Turns out, 2014 the Year of the Overdue Baby Quilt, as I caught up on all my Quiltworthy friends who'd had babies last year while I was still settling into motherhood and moving into our new house. All 3 of my quilt creations were gifts this year.

It was also the year I discovered the joy of smaller projects. Things like a garments for my daughter or a stuffed doll for my friend's nursery could be done in a weekend, and so were much easier to sneak in when I had only a few hours to enjoy my sewing machine's company. Going forward, I think I'll be concentrating on these sorts of things more, because they give me the thrill of a completed item without so much staring longingly at my WIP shelves between sewing sessions.


Star Trek (link)

Completed: May 2014
Star Trek line by Camelot Fabrics
Pattern by Carlene Westberg
Pieced and Quilted by RLQ
First completed quilt since A's birth in 2012, Gifted to Daughter of Close HS friend

ConVivial Company (link)

Completed: September 2014
Wren and Friends line by Gina Martin + others from LQS & Stash
Pattern adapted from Fresh Quilts Magazine
Pieced and (hand and machine) Quilted by RLQ
First-ever (partially) hand-quilted quilt. Gifted to Niece in Oct 2014

Joy to the World (link)

Completed: Dec 2014
Holiday Flourish by Robert Kaufman
Adapted from a pattern by Stitched in Color
Pieced and Quilted by RLQ
An exercise in just how fast I can complete a quilt on a deadline! Gifted to SIL's family Dec 2014


Star Wars Game Mat (link)

Completed: September 2014
Star Wars by Camelot Fabrics + Smithsonian Print
created and Quilted by RLQ
First-ever request from Mr. RLQ

Manipulable Color Card (link)

Completed: September 2014
Class Project for Color Intensive by Stitched In Color
Painstakingly cut out and velcroed by RLQ
Using a 2013 Kona Color Card

Modern Buntings (link)

Completed: September 2014
Created for display at the 2014 OKCMQG quilt show
Paper Pieced by RLQ using colors prescribed by the guild and this tutorial

Lil' Pumpkin Birthday Shirt (link)

Completed: October 2014
Kyoko Pattern by Modkid, Joyful Harvest Fabric by Sandy Clough + others
Made entirely without help from "Grandma"!

Zombie Doll And Crib Sheet (no link)

Completed: Novermber 2014
Zombie Apocalypse by Emily Taylor, Crib Sheet Tutorial from Stitched in Color
Finished in the wee hours before a Zombie-loving friend's baby shower; so late I forgot to take any good photos and so did not post!

Quilts: 3
Other: 6

WiPs that made it from 2012 2013 2014 to 2015 with progress but no completion: Christmas Traditions
WiPs without any progress in 2014Star Wars II


  1. This is quite an impressive list of accomplishments while chasing after a toddler! I love the variety in the projects as well as the color palettes. You gave so much away that you might consider making something for yourself... oh, wait! You did. That was Christmas Traditions, the one not quite finished. ;•) Congratulations on being a true mother as well as a true quilter.

  2. I, too, am impressed that you did as much as you did. Congrats! One of my hobbies is photo books and I'm still trying to finish our book for 2013. Arg! I don't think I ever really understood how much having a baby would would take over all my time.