Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chompers Hoodie

Ah, a return to patterns I can use! After the (mis)adventure with my daughter's Shark Shirt, I turned my attention to a patternmaker I knew I could trust, because I had a new experience I wanted to try: sewing with knits!

Last November I fell in LOVE with this bright, vivacious print from Knitorious. Even though I'd never sewed anything with knits, I talked myself into it; there's always time for a new experience, right?

I'd been eyeing the Dragon Vest pattern by Puperita, and the two seemed destined for each other. A trip to my local chain store and some blue fleece later, I was ready to roll.

Construction was smooth and straightforward, with one small glitch; apparently when they say a zipper is "all-purpose" they don't really mean ALL-purpose; they just mean "all purpose unless you need a separating zipper." Ooops. Fortunately my seam ripper, plus some quick customer service at the Zipper Shipper bailed me out.

Aside from some less-than stellar zipper technique (for which I blame myself and my first-time bumbling) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Knits were definitely easier to work with than I'd anticipated - and the end product is way softer and more comfortable for regular wear.

Although I finished this during the summer, it's just now beginning to get some use. Here's little I modeling it a month or two ago. When It comes to knits, I am definitely a fan, and quickly becoming an addict!