Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Works In Progress - A Preview

While Spookyville and Sunset Suprise were getting quilted and bound, I started a couple of other projects. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming soon - it seems I am going to need a "works in progress" list in my blog, to cover the way my projects now move up through the phases. All of these are now pieced and awaiting quilting!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunset Surprise - Celebrate Color

Welcome Celebrate Color Participants

It is finished! I finally stitched that last little corner of binding, sliding me in just under the deadline for this month's round of the Celebrate Color competition: I made this quilt from a pattern I saw in the August/September issue of Quilt Magazine, but I changed the color scheme to a more fall-ish palate, because those are my favorite colors. The colors remind me of a sunset, and the divided centers reminded my mom of a wrapped gift, so together we came up with the name "Sunset Surprise" for the quilt.  Here it is in completed glory, front:

Sunset Surprise front


Sunset surprise back - you can see more of my quilting on this quilt here

and with couple of other fall-colored accessories:

Elliot comes by to inspect the goods. He'll blend right in!

Bat Pumpkin holders watch over my newest creation.

In short, this one is for us and I can't wait to curl up by the fireplace under it. Finished dimensions are 50 x 70, and it is the third quilt I have assembled from start to finish, ever.

Like any mother, I love my project best: but there's a whole array of fall projects being presented over at Stitched In Color for the Celebrate Color Competition: Click the button to head on over and check them out! And if I get nominated, please vote for me!

Celebrate Color


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Close!

Just a little bit more of the binding to do! Sunset Surprise is coming along slowly but surely. Look at my progress!

 I have quilted it in a meander of flowers and leaves for the main blocks, and loop-de-loops for the blocks that surround the striped print

Flowers! I think they are fast becoming my signature quilting move.

I got the idea for the loops from looking at other quilts Mary Ann had quilted for me

And I'm binding it using the same purple with dots and sashes that makes up the vertical blocks. The original pattern called for more striped fabric, but I didn't have enough and honestly, I am glad because I think on this one, a the more muted tone works better.

From the back. Check out the mitering on those corners!

I think about one more sitting is all it will take - and then on to the next big project!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Package!

Doorbell: Ding Dong!
Me: Who could it be? No-one is at the door.
Husband: Maybe it's a package.
Me: (Looks down) It is! It's a package from...
Husband: Yes?!
Me: (mumbling) thftqrshp.
Husband: Where?
Me: (mumbling) thefatqurtrshop.
Husband: Huh?
Me: Aah! The Fat Quarter Shop! Don't judge me!
Husband: Isn't that the third package we've gotten from them in like a we--
Me: I am not an addict! I can quit any time. They gave me 20% off - what was I supposed to, do ignore it?
Husband: Baby, put the package down.
Me: No! This is my package! I bought it and I love it and you can't take it from me!
Husband: You don't even know what's in it.
Me: Yes I do, here! (Opens package to reveal...)

Trick or Treat Stacker, Panel, and Yardages by Doodlebug Designs for Riley Blake

Me: It's for our OTHER Halloween quilt, in addition to Spookyville II, because I have no willpower.
Husband: On second thought, I see why this package was a necessity... Good job getting 20% off, baby.

Technically, it was our third package in a week and a half, and technically the second package came from Emerald City Fabrics. But I still love my husband for all that he puts up with, and even encourages my new quilting habit. And I'm excited to dig into this fabric!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fresh Slices with a Twist

I have to admit, I bought a grab bag of old quilt magazines at my local quilt shop, and was less than impressed. It's hard to find a magazine that consistently presents patterns I'd like to tackle in colors that make me want to tackle them, and at my (currently rather low) preferred degree of quilting difficulty.  But, when I saw this magazine (again, at the Fat Quarter Shop, I am nothing if not consistent) I knew I had to have it. I checked all the shops in the area to no avail, but then I lucked out because Target of all places happened to have it:

My husband was mightily entertained by me walking around the store with my nose in it, and generously steered me away from small children and display cases.

I'd seen the quilt kit that was available for it (named "Fresh Slices" by the FQS), but decided that lime green wasn't really my thing. So, having properly recovered from the Great Fat Quarter Hunt of '10 , I set out to make another project from fat quarters. I had a couple of pinks and oranges from a previous project I'd abandoned, and a some purple because even though I am not a big "stash without a project in mind" type, purple is my favorite color and so naturally there were a few cave-ins. The rest I was able to supplement with striped fabric found at my first-ever quilt show, and a couple of quick trips to the local shops.

I was in such a hurry to get started that I forgot to take pictures of the uncut fabric or even the blocks. But in short order I had the center of the quilt assembled, like so:

And then the outer border came together like so:

Pretty cool, huh? I definitely liked the way this top turned out, with the pinks and oranges and purples and maroons, and I was able to use up some stash I otherwise wouldn't have know what to do with.
Plus  when it came down to it, I was pleased with my color selection. Dianeloves2Quilt has suggested I name it "Sunset Surprise" since the orange and purple centerlines remind her of presents, and the colors make me think of a sunset.

And here is the back, pieced (yet again) from some mix of scraps and new fabric:

I just finished quilting this myself a week or 2 ago, but that's a post for another time.