Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's back! It's back! And some fabric purchased

All hail the Stitching Post! After grueling 5-day separation, my sewing machine and I have been reunited. Given that two years ago that machine would sit untouched for 4-6 months at a time, I was surprised at how much I missed it. I went into severe sewing withdrawls, and itched to call the store almost every day. But I'm really glad I got it serviced: first, it looks great

My little Janome! Notice the lack of black sticky marks on the neck from batting spray

And second, it purrs like a kitten - seriously, I don't think it sounded this good when I got it. Plus, look at the nice touch they left with it:

Decorative stitches! Most of which haven't been used since at least 2008.

A sampler of decorative stitches. Right, my machine does have those. Very cute!

Yesterday, I celebrated by finishing the free-motion quilting the princess quilt and then today, I made an apron to celebrate - but those are for another post.

This post is just to say that mostly I am glad to have my machine back because while it was gone, I... may have fallen off the wagon a bit when it comes to judicious fabric purchases. Here's what I bought online while I was waiting:

Upper Left: Christmas Traditions by J Wecker Frish, from Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Quilts On Broadway. More on the way from A Straight Stitch (I hope).
Upper Right: More Trick Or Treat By Doodlebug Designs from Pam's Crafting Place
Lower Left: Ready Set Snow by Me & My Sister from Stitches N Giggles
Lower Right: Micheal Miller Christmas Fabrics from Pam's Crafting Place

The Ready Set Snow are fat quarters for a quilt in progress, and the Trick or Treat is for an upcoming quilt concept that will probably be my next piecing project. I have just started collecting Christmas Traditions for a REALLY neat pattern I saw in a magazine (which I intend to follow exactly), and the Micheal Miller Christmas fabrics were... a moment of insanity, I admit. But they're cute!

It's definitely a lot of fabric to acquire in just under a week, so hopefully it will keep me busy for a while. I have a fantasy about not buying any more fabric between now and Christmas. But I'm not holding my breath.

Updated to Add: My mom, a consummate quilter reacted to the news that my machine was in the shop by suggesting that I go down to the chain fabric store and buy the cheapest machine they've got. At the time, I pooh-poohed that suggestion, saying it was too expensive and where would I store it once mine came back? I gotta say mom, I would still have the storage problem if I'd gone for Hancock's Base-level $100 machine instead but in retrospect, a spare machine actually would have been cheaper than my most recent fabric binge. Mother knows best for budgeting, I guess.

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  1. The big question: Do you still have those funny stitch things on the back with the Free motion!

    Glad it's home.