Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And now for something completely different

I have to admit, the first bit of 100% cotton fabric I ever bought wasn't even for quilting - it was a cat print yardage, bought under the guise of  "oh, I'll make an apron!" when I was still making dance things.

I bought 4 yards just to be sure I had enough fabric. And it was probably a year later when I saw a sale and realized that if I wanted to make an apron, I was probably going to need to get a pattern. Fortunately, the featured apron on Butterick 4945 was just perfect:

Butterick 4945. I made the one in the middle.

And it only required HALF my precious kitty fabric, meaning I could conceivably make 2! Never get me excited about efficiency, if you can avoid it :-)

Anyways, so then fast forward to last year, when I find Hello Kitty fabric for a friend who's both a HUGE Hello Kitty Fan and a devoted baker. I buy it off Etsy, and the gauntlet is thrown - now I *have* to make an apron, I bought fabric for it! I decide to do my own apron first (so that I can work out the wrinkles before I give a gift) and in addition to the kitty fabric, I find fabric for a winter apron on really really good sale.

It's Snow Fun by JAK Designs for South Seas Imports

I mean seriously, who could resist these snowmen? Cutting the out went fairly quick, and then sewing them together went fine until it was time to attach the waist strap - to this day I am not sure I did it right. But I did come out with 2 perfectly adorable aprons, in about 2 days worth of project time.

Without Further Ado:

My summer apron, and my winter apron. Next up? Hello Kitty for a friend. And I still need something to do with the rest of the cat fabric...

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