Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Completions

2012 was year of the baby. Five of my seven quilting creations this year went to babies, including my own! First-trimester tiredness stalled me out from about February to June, but then I made up for lost time in late summer and early fall. Haven't done much since baby A came in October, but that's all right; First-time motherhood means I get my first chance to enjoy baby quilts received instead of given.


Completed: Jan 2012
Design by Carlene Westenberg, Fabric Froggin' by Sue Zipkin for Clothworks
Pieced and Quilted by RLQ, Professionally quilted by Another Mary Ann
Lovingly gifted to my friend B's son, at her baby shower.

Ready, Set, Snow

Completed: Jan 2012
Original design by RLQ, Fabric from Me & My Sister's Ready Set Snow for Moda
Pieced and Quilted by RLQ

Star Wars

Completed: June 2012
Original design by RLQ, Applique based on the works of  Jeff Victor @ Wicked Crispy
Pieced and Quilted by RLQ
Lovingly gifted to S (shown here) whose father and mother are both good friends.

 Eclectic Garden

Completed: July 2012
Design and Fabric by Jason Yenter, Eclectic Garden Collection
Pieced by RLQ, Professionally quilted by Another Mary Ann

Alien Invasion

Completed:  August 2012
Design modified from the Moda Bake Shop, Fabric Alien Invasion by Amy Bradley
Pieced by and Quilted by RLQ
Lovingly gifted to my nephew G (shown here) upon his birth.

 Trick Or Treat

Completed: September 2012
Design by RLQ, Fabric Trick Or Treat By Doodlebug Designs for Riley Blake
Pieced and quilted by RLQ
Lovingly gifted to my own daughter, born 10/11/12.


Completed: October 2012
Design by RLQ, Assorted Fabrics
Pieced and quilted by RLQ
The centerpiece quilt for my daughter's nursery, which I finished when contractions were 8 minutes apart (go me).


Compass Pillow

Paper Pieced by RLQ for the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild Scrap swap

Roller Shade

A fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants project to make a curtain for our back door before the neighbor's fence-tunneling dog and my status as a breastfeeding mother led to an awkward moment with the neighbors.

Pump Part Bags

A terry cloth solution to toting wet breast pump parts to and from work every day. My first postpartum project..


Quilts: 7
Other: 3

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  1. There's no doubt about it - you had a VERY busy 2012! I hope that 2013 is just as enjoyable - and productive - as 2012 for you!