Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Gotta Catch More Fluff!

Shortly after my nephew W was born, I sewed him a blanket made from "fluff," a super-soft and fuzzy fabric imported from Japan. As fate would have it (and not unsurprisingly, if you've ever handled it) my SILs loves that blanket not just for its looks, but also because it contains what she calls "magical properties" that help my nephew fall asleep.

Therefore, when I got the chance to order some fluff again - and in another fandom my SIL loves - I jumped on it. It took about 4 months for this beauty to make it FROM Japan to my sewing room, but it was absolutely worth it. Normally my projects linger before I work up to them, but I cut this blanket out the same weekend I picked it up from the post office.

I also ordered some coordinating fabric: the intent is for this to eventually be a set. But when you have a baby who depends on that ONE thing to get to sleep, a backup for the new mom takes priority.

So, Auntie RLQ to the rescue!!! Legendary Lullabye is still clearly Baby W's favorite, but now he (and my SIL!) have a plan B when it's in the wash.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

2019 Completions

2019 was a pretty productive year for me, sewing-wise. First off, my MIL moved just down the street from us, so I had a few more options for kid-entertainment when I sewed. Second, falling in love with and following some pretty amazing professional seamstresses online encouraged me to branch out. I bought a New-to-me used Babylock Imagine, which paved the way for some more ambitious sewing adventures and kept me excited. With my new, easier-to-use serger I got back into woven, and even tried out Tulle and organza skirts for my creations. Plus my first local nephew was born, and of course having a baby to sew for is always fun.

In addition to baby clothes, 2019 was the "year of the set" for me. I made sibling sets, Father/son sets, a mother-daughter set, and even Grandma got in on the action with one of my "sibling sets" turned multi-generational. I also managed to lure my daughter in for a *little* bit of sewing - she made a skirt and some shorts - but I think she's not quite ready for the speed of the sewing machine yet (she's 7). My family also made a last-minute trip to Disneyland (weekend commando raid), which provided the inspiration (motivation?) for a three-week sewing blitz that ended in cute Disney outfits for my husband, son, and mother.

And finally, it was the end of an era on my Oz quilt. A decade after I made the first pillow, and about 6 years after I made the quilt, I finished the last pillow and gifted it to my MIL. It's kind of crazy to think that I have been sewing for over a decade (and actually now that I think on it that means this blog will also be ten years old in 2020), and to realize that when I started that project, my husband (and the father of my children) was just my boyfriend and I hadn't made a single quilt yet.

At any rate, without further reminiscing, here are my completions from 2019:

Here's Your Frog Hoodie (link)

Completed: Jan 2019
Pattern: Megamax Raglan (with CKC Haven Pocket)
A Fun Hoodie for my son, whose favorite color is green. A fussy cutting masterpiece!

Aurora Fun Dress (link)

Completed: Jan 2019
Pattern: Girl's Fun Tee + SLPCo Isla
My daughter fell in love with this panel, and though it was cut off at the bottom, we found a way to make it work!

Fairy Tale Birthday Shirt (link)

Completed: Feb 2019
Pattern: CKC Esther
My first commission! My MIL picked out the fabric and pattern, and we gifted this shirt to my niece on her birthday.

Pajamas of WarCraft (link)

Completed: Feb 2019
Pattern: Brindille & Twig Baby Kimono and Footies
A gift for my local Nephew, who was due Valentine's day.

Pokemon Baby Set (Blanket) & (Outfit)

Completed: Mar 2019
Pattern: Brindille & Twig Baby Kimono and Footies
A set for my local nephew, gifted shortly after he was born.

A Collaboration with A (link)

Completed: March 2019
Pattern: Math!!!
Lots of straight lines made for a good first project for my daughter, who made this skirt mostly by herself!

The Happiest Dress (link)

Completed: March 2019
Pattern: Peekaboo Violet
Gifted to a Friend whose family was making their fist trip to Disney World.

Midsummer LOLs (link)

Completed: Feb 2019
Pattern: Striped Swallow Designs Midsummer's Dream
My Daughter had to have this fabric, and this was a quick summer-y sew!

Final (!) Oz Pillow (link)

Completed: April 2019 2019
Fabric by Quilted Treasures
The final pillow in a 7-pillow series, for my Wizard of Oz loving MIL.

Stormtrooper Father/Son Set (link)

Completed: April 2019
Pattern: Cole's Creation Jerry Raglan (Dad)/ Max & Meena Max Raglan (Son)
A quick set of raglans so the RLQ men can match!

Guardians of the Galaxy Father/Son Set (link)

Completed: April 2019
Pattern: Tie Dye Dive Zee's Tee/ Stitch Upon a Time Huntsman
One good turn deserves another.

Strawberry Shortcake Sister Set (link)

Completed: May 2019
Pattern: SLPCo Isla
Gifted to the children of a close friend over 1500 miles away! My first effort with a Double Border.

A Christmas Shirt for Father's Day (link)

Completed: June 2019
Pattern: Peekaboo Yukon
A Christmas shirt for my train-loving Dad, gifted when he came out to visit for Father's day.

Rainbow Brite Mother/Daughter Set (link & link)

Completed: July 2019
Pattern: Striped Swallow Designs Desert Breeze
Because why should the boys have all the parent-child fun?

Small World Sibling Set (Intro Dresses Romper Finale)

Completed: July 2019
Pattern: Violette Fields Threads June, Ruthie; Brindille & Twig Polo Romper
For my Brother's kids who live just a hop, skip, and a jump from Disneyland!

Zelda Set for Baby W (link)

Completed: August 2019
Pattern: Brindille & Twig Polo Romper
A Sequel to the Pokemon Set.

Back to School Creation for A (Top Shorts)

Completed: August 2019
Pattern: Violet Fields Threads Ruthie & Allie
A Ruffled back-to school shirt from mom, and some shorts she sewed herself!

Should You Need Us... (link)

Completed: August 2019
Pattern: Hey June Lane Raglan
Gifted to a friend who had recently lost a pet.

Golden Sun for Grandma too! (link)

Completed: August 2019
Pattern: Pattern 4 Pirates Basic tee (modified sleeves) 
A last-minute project #1 when we booked a surprise trip to Disneyland

Star War Mickey (link)

Completed: September 2019
Pattern:  Cole's Creations Jerry's Raglan (Dad) / Max Raglan (Son) 
A last-minute project #2 when we booked a surprise trip to Disneyland... this one was really down to the wire!

Descendants Hoodie Dress Repeat (Dress & Socks

Completed: October 2019
Pattern:  CKC Haven's Hoodie 
A sized-up version of one of my Daughter's favorite dresses from 2018

Rainbow Cheetah Tulle two-piece (link

Completed: November 2019
Pattern:  SbPP GIrls' Fun tee and CKC Delaney mash-up (with original tulle skirt)
Inspired by trends at some of my favorite designers, a "test effort" with Tulle 

Frozen Premiere Dress (link

Completed: November 2019
Pattern:  SbPP Girls' Fun Tee 

Using Organza, another 2-piece creation, the top can go with Jeans or a fluffy skirt!

Boys of Frozen (link

Completed: November 2019
Pattern:  Max Raglan
A Frozen premiere outfit for my son, with a matching shirt for his friend!

101 Dalmatians Raglan (link

Completed: November 2019
Pattern:  Cole's Creations Jerry Raglan 
A Christmas gift for my youngest brother

Christmas Train Mickey Raglan (link

Completed: December 2019
Pattern:  Cole's Creations Jerry Raglan
A Christmas present for my youngest brother to turn my Father's Day gift to my Dad into a Father/Son Set

Glad Tidings (link)

Completed: December 2019
Fabric: Glad Tidings by Henry Glass

Made with love (and help!) from my mom, using a panel we picked up in Houston in 2017

Zombie Hunting Princesses (link

Completed: December 2019
Pattern:  CKC Haven's Hoodie
A Christmas Gift for my niece and her Zombie-loving Dad!

Call Me Khaleesi (link

Completed: December 2019
Pattern:  SbPP Girls' Fun Tee
Christmas Gift for my niece nicknamed "Princess"

Garments: 37
Woven vs knit: 4 vs 33
Kids vs Adults: 26 vs 9
Garment Sets: 8
Baby sets w/ Blanket: 2
Other projects: 1 (pillow)

WiPs without any progress in 2018Star Wars IIChristmas Traditions. Quilting is shelved while there are so many fun outfits to be made!