Friday, November 11, 2011

Moda Basketweave 2

So as I was saying in my last post the first thing I had to do to piece this quilt was sew the strips together. Rather than fuss with cutting 6 3/4" strips and then sewing them to make blocks, I elected to just sew the strip together and figure that with 14 unique blocks in 4 orientations, it would look pretty random anyway. As a reminder, here's what my strips looked like sewed:

First, I cut them into 6 3/4" squares:

And then I arranged them on the floor of what used to be my dance room - that part was actually a lot of fun.

And here's the final result. Yes, you can kind of tell which blocks were my favorite by which colors got used up first.

This quilt is six squares-on point across, by seven down for a final dimension of about 50" by 60".

But, when I did all this, one thing became obvious: remember my white sashing? Yeah, that wasn't going to work.

By now I'd figured out that this quilt was going to go to my youngest niece (who'll be almost 3 when she gets it) and so I wanted a decidedly feminine appearance. Plus the white already "pops" on the blocks as arranged, so why add to that? And finally, white on a kids' quilt is always a little dicey after the first juice spill anyway. So, back to the drawing board. Where by "drawing board" I mean "quilt store." I brought the extra length from all my blocks, arranged it on the table at The Savage Quilter, and then from all their purple Me and My Sister Fabrics, I chose this one, with the stripes behind it for binding:

From "Happy" and "Amelia" by Me & My Sister Designs

Leading to this as my final product:

Cute, huh? The backing is from the same fabric as the border triangles. I basted this quilt 2 weeks ago for my class (right before my sewing machine went in for service), but now given my large number of Christmas projects, I think it might languish in the "To Be Quilted" Drawer until at least January. I'm excited to quilt it, though!

And, I still need a good name. Any suggestions?

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