Thursday, February 4, 2016


And introducing... my only quilt of 2015, IsaiahSaurus. This beauty was completed *just* under the wire, and I'm excited to show it off!

IsaiahSaurus was designed as the feature quilt for my new baby's nursery. Its artwork comes from the "Have you seen my Dinosaur?" panel by Jennifer Pugh, with coordinating fabrics from the line (purchased at Ethelbird & Eliza ) and some nice pops of color from a local quilt shop.

To design this quilt, I took inspiration from the book Panel Play, and put together my own composition. I started with just the panel, and rearranged the pieces until the proportions looked pleasing, and then filled in with the other elements as I went. The stripes on the top and bottom are pieced in, but the dinosaur "photographs" on the side were sewed on afterwards for a more 3-dimensional look. I'm actually pretty excited about it turned out!

The back was pieced from another coordinating stripe, and moda weave in cheddar and crimson. I have to admit, that stripe on the back was one of the first things that drew me to the line. It was also really fun to work with the bright colors; those are my favorite kind.

I have since added a hand-stitched dedication (that's what took so long - the rest of this quilt was ready to go in October) so now this quilt is up for use. It's probably going to spend most of its time hanging in the nursery, but a baby quilt isn't a baby quilt until it's been used at least once for tummy time.

So, we're off for a test drive. Gotta love that smile :-)

Monday, February 1, 2016

More 'Mingoes

If there is a "Tie Dye Diva Peasant Dress-a-holics anonymous," I almost certainly belong in it. I keep swearing I'm going to try other patterns, but this dress is so quick to sew and so universally appreciated by the recipients, I find myself adding extra projects in at the last minute with this as the pattern. I think I'm down to less than $2 per use on the Baby Tie Dye Diva Dress pattern, so I didn't bat an eye when the girls' version went on sale for 30% off on Cyber Monday, I just bought it.

This particular beauty is for the recipient of last year's Octopus Peasant Dress, who turned two in December. She's loved her first dress since she got it a year 8 months ago, and is as of late obsessed with the Flamingos at the local zoo. As is often the case with me, the fun novelty print is from Equilter, and accents are a Moda Marble from my stash.

As usual, this dress came together quickly and looked great. But best of all, the recipient was old enough (and the dress long enough) that no diaper cover was needed!

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