Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miles to go before I sleep

...but at least I have a pillow!

Only until June 30, though - then this guy goes to his new home with my scrap swap buddy from OKCMQG.

And, since I notice there's a WIP Wednesday post up today, a quick countdown of my other projects:

Started - Alien Invasion
This weekend I broke into my Jelly roll and decided on a color scheme. I also sewed the strips together accordingly, but then I ran out of appropriately-colored thread. Oops! Seriously this is what I had left:

So needless to say, progress will resume once I make it to my local quilt shop.

No Progress:

-Christmas Traditions

-Trick or Treat

-Eclectic Garden

-Ready, Set, Snow

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Friday, June 22, 2012

An Embarassment of Projects

With Star Wars complete, I actually have room to put another project on my plate! This is very exciting because it has been... a while since I actually got to play with new fabric. And like any good quilter, I have not been caught out without a healthy backlog, both of projects and of quilt recipients.  Here's the current list:

Alien Invasion

The Fabric: Alien Invasion by Amy Bradley The Pattern: Turning Tables from Moda Bake Shop

The only bad part about Alien Invasion is, when I finish I don't get to keep it! This one is tentatively intended for my first-ever nephew, who is due in August. I am completely in love with the backing fabric, and have been hoarding the Jelly Roll "for a boy quilt" for a while. I am anxious to play with separating  it into complementary color groups, and to see how if it's as cute in actuality as it is in my head.

Me & My Sister Dragonfly

The Fabric: Favorites and Amelia Charm Packs by Me & My Sister Designs The Pattern: Dragonfly Hop by Carlene Westberg Designs

So technically, Dragonfly was the "if my SIL turns out to be carrying a girl" option, but lo and behold 1) she is having a boy and 2) *I* am having a girl. Yes, that's right! Baby RLQ is in fact a little girl, at least according to our ultrasound technician. And of course, since Me & My Sister designs is one of my favorite lines (plus the pattern is really cute), it wasn't exactly hard to transfer my affections over. Baby RLQ isn't due until October, so this is less pressing, but I'm still eager to start working with this fabric!

Dino Train 9-patch pizzaz

The Fabric: All Aboard the Dino Train & various fat quarters The Pattern: 9-Patch Pizzaz By Julie Sineros (book)

Ok, so finding out I was pregnant MAY have lowered my impulse control a tad. I'd been looking at the Dino Train fabric for a while, and realizing that I might need a SECOND boy-quilt in short order sent me over the edge.  Fortunately my mom had a good pattern suggestion, and I've got a book on loan from her that I plan on using. I'm not sure who this will go to yet, but fate hasn't let me down yet when it comes to kids who deserve quilts. And who knows?  Where I come from girls can have dinosaur quilts too!

Christmas Traditions Paper Piece and Applique

The Fabric: Christmas Traditions by Quilting Treasures The Pattern: Cover pattern from from Best Quilts for Christmas Magazine

I backburnered this project for Star Wars and Froggin', but I'd like to get back to it eventually: I dream of cuddling under this next Christmas.  So the baby quilts have priority right now, but then it is ON with this one. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 18, 2012

One more thing...

With the completion of Star Wars, I am *almost* back on track. But still, one thing remains; A swap pillow I committed to back in March for my local Modern Quilter's Guild.

I got the main block done before pregnancy sickness hit me too hard, but then the exhaustion amped up, and baby S entered the world without a quilt, so... to the backburner it went. Honestly, I hate to admit it's been so far off the radar, I haven't even remembered to include it in my WIP posts for the past couple of months. Here's where it is now:

Backed, bordered, and ready to quilt. The guild is having a sew day on June 30, and I am hoping to have it ready to hand over then

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday #12: Finally a Jedi!

Where does the time go? The world may never know...

Finished! - Sweet Star Wars
Finally. A completed quilt it is! Now I just have to show it off (you don't think I'd miss that step, do you?) and then get up the nerve to entrust the most laborious 80+ hours of my life to the US post office. Which could take a while. As a reminder, here's the front from 2 weeks ago (Click to enlarge):

On the back I added a pocket for hanging the quilt, and a label calling out the new owner. This label is FMQed rather than hand-stitched (and stay tuned for a tutorial in how I did it), but I am pretty happy with the results.

FMQ Planning - Trick or Treat
I am up to ten stencils now, and any second I will get brave enough to actually get to the laying out, tracing, and FMQing. Right now I have 20 spaces that need a feature design, but 12 ideas FOR a feature design, so the question is, double up or come up with 8 more? Doubling up is the less labor-intensive solution, but there are still some designs I think are cute that I want to include.

Binding - Eclectic Garden
Not a lot of progress on this one, but I got it out of the moth balls and started hand-stitching the binding again. I want to get it out of the assembly line before Trick or Treat goes in!

No Progress:

-Christmas Traditions

-Ready, Set, Snow

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