Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Completions

2013 was an awesome year in a number of ways - my husband got a new job that keeps him home more, my daughter made the transition from a vivacious but stationary infant to a vivacious and very very active walking, talking one-year old, we moved into a new (to us) and much more spacious house, made trips to California and Colorado to meet the in-laws, and spent a lot of time with visiting family.

Unfortunately, between all the packing and unpacking of boxes, suitcases, and schedules... that meant this was less than a banner year for sewing. I did manage to get two projects done - both "baby" related - but had no completed quilts.


Terry Cloth Pump Part Bags

Completed: Jan 2013
Original design and assembly RLQ
First Postpartum Project

Monster Mash Party Dress

Completed: October 2013
Design from Simplicity 9873
Assembled by RLQ with a little help from DL2Q
Using Robert Kaufman Movie Monster Fabric
Gifted to and worn by Baby A on her first Birthday

Quilts: 0
Other: 2

WiPs that made it from 2012 to 2014 with progress but no completion: Christmas Traditions


  1. You did not take credit for the gifting of the Wizard of Oz quilt. Maybe it was completed in a year other than 2013 but I think the posting about and gifting of a quilt is certainly a part of the process. You did not take credit for your organizing efforts and distribution of the donated quilts for the tornado victims. That quilt activity is the ultimate in getting the love of quilts spread out all over. You did not take credit for the expansion into a new and larger quilting space in your new home. Getting all your fabric and machine and tools organized and re-configured in a vastly different layout is also a quilt related accomplishment. You will be in great shape to spit out projects in 2014. That you are posting at all with a young baby and new home is amazing. 2013 was a banner year!

  2. Hey, two is better than none! You really cranked out a lot of quilting projects pre-baby, so I think that more than makes up for the fact that you've had to slow down a bit in the sewing department since A arrived. I'm excited for the day when you begin to post A's sewing completions, as I'm sure she's going to following in family's footsteps!

  3. Wonderful accomplishments, and I agree with DL2Q! Happy quilting in 2014!