Monday, July 3, 2017

Resurrecting the Zombie Fabric

Once upon a time, I made a Zombie Peasant Dress for a friend's one-year-old. It was a huge success, and worn many, MANY times. Beleaguered, it showed back up at my doorstep a couple months ago, with a request that I "just let out the sleeves a little bit, and maybe she can use it as a shirt."

Well, the way the dress was constructed, I would have had to pretty much take the whole thing apart to re-do the sleeves, and honestly, the way their child (now a lively two-year-old) was growing I didn't think that was going to buy them much time. I didn't want to destroy the dress - just in case its owner ever gets a smaller sibling - but fortunately, I had some scraps left over from the first run.

Not enough for another Tie Dye Diva Peasant Dress, definitely, but... hmmm. With some creative seaming, I was able to make it work with the much-more-efficient Foo Foo Threads Easy Peasant Top pattern I used for A's third-birthday My Little Pony Shirt. The FFT pattern is constructed entirely from blocks, and also has the benefit of being more "forgiving" in size since it's got a ribbon sash, ginormous sleeves, and a gathered skirt-bottom. That's helpful for a growing child.

Here's how it turned out! It took some creative seaming in the back, and the skirt isn't *quite* as full as the pattern calls for due to lack of fabric, but overall, I am very pleased with the result. It's just as Zombie-tastic, and even more femininely fun than its predecessor! I was also able to incorporate the ONE design element I loved from the Pattern Which Gave Me Such Fits - the contrast bands around the arm elastic. I think they're a really nice touch.

If I had it to do again, I think I'd make those bands just a *little* bit wider (they're 1/2" on a size 5 top), but I actually didn't miss the extra fabric in the skirt portion at all; it's still plenty ruffle-ey, and the bow tie in the back hides my extra seam. You also can't argue with a pattern that is flexible enough to be a dress while the wearer is young, and then a top as she lengthens out. Really, it's a win all around.

And, the recipient loved it! Just for fun, here's the little one in her "original" Zombie Dress (Easy Peasant Dress by TDD) ....

... and her new one made using Foo Foo Threads Easy Peasant pattern. Fabric in both cases is Walking Dead by Alexander Henry, and then a basic Kona (or maybe Michael Miller) black.

It's good to see your sewing be so well loved.