Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Piecing...

I was going to post for Work In Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced, but time got away from me... apparently my time spend sewing and my time spent blogging are often inversely proportional - who knew? Anyway, paper piecing is still going pretty well. It's a long process, since the blocks are a lot more involved than anything I have ever made before, and any time I get tired I start making dumb errors, but the product is looking good!

I have to make 24 red blocks and 32 cream blocks. I have set a goal for myself of 5 blocks a night until I am done - at least with the paper piecing part.

Then I will probably shelve this project for other, more pressing Christmas Projects. So much to do so little time... Here's what's on the list.

Christmas To-Do
- Pillowcases
- Stockings 1 2 3 4 5
- Basketweave quilt
- Apron
- Christmas Quilt
- Christmas Quilt II

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  1. Here is my list but it is just a jumble of ideas all tumbling over each other in my mind since I want to do them all and have not prioritized them. Even when I do make a list, the most recently purchased piece of fabric generally cuts in line because of a split second flash of inspiration.

    Diane's To-Do
    - Block and finish two knit Xmas stockings
    - Sew stray threads into knit spiral afghan
    - Layout Grinch quilt
    - Bind tool quilt
    - Bind Halloween wreath wall hanging
    - Sew stuffed ornaments
    - Start newly purchase Xmas present quilt kit in lime, red, aqua that has cool new technique and killer colors ( obviously this is what I REALLY want to do)
    - Stitch up those adorable flannel prints into burp cloths
    - Layout mask hexagon quilt on design wall
    - Start older Xmas quilt kit with presents in brown from sale LAST year!

    Hmm, I think I will copy this list to my blog since I want it front and center. I bet when I get around to doing so it will have more projects on it!