Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3 - BoJ, RSS

Alas, no linkup over at Freshly Pieced. And honestly, less progress on the sewing front over here that I would have liked, but this is life. The big news is:

95% Completed - Painting the Living Area

This was definitely a huge project to tackle, especially around the holidays with all the Christmas parties and Holiday shopping and whatnot, but... we're so close we can taste it! There's one spot over the fireplace where we haven't 100% committed to red, and I belatedly realized that there was some drywall around the window in the kitchen that hadn't been painted, but we got enough done that we could put our living room back together: re-hang the paintings, move the stuff on the shelves back, and just in general reclaim our living space. Here are some pictures of the finished product (which was ALL white before).

Between the two of us, there's probably about 40 man-hours of work involved! For the most part I did the white, and Beloved Husband (who used to be a firefighter) did a fabulous job climbing up and down the ladder for all the red.

I'm especially excited, because now we can put the tree and decorations out.

Bound - Basket of Joy

Brother In law is scheduled to arrive on Friday Dec 16, with recipient niece in tow. It took a lot of frantic stitching, but Basket of Joy will be ready for her when she arrives!

I'm pretty happy with the final product

Partially Quilted - Ready, Set, Snow

I had hoped to have this done by Christmas, but it seems there just aren't enough hours in the day. Oh, well, I can still enjoy it next year!

I am putting little stenciled trees on the tree blocks, and just meandering a line through everything else.

No Progress:

- NEW Froggin' quilt
- Stockings 4 5

- Christmas Traditions Quilt

- Charity Princess Quilt

Completed, Need to Post
- Stocking 3

Not bad for 2 weeks, I guess. Can't wait till the linkups come back in January!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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