Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunset Surprise - Celebrate Color

Welcome Celebrate Color Participants

It is finished! I finally stitched that last little corner of binding, sliding me in just under the deadline for this month's round of the Celebrate Color competition: I made this quilt from a pattern I saw in the August/September issue of Quilt Magazine, but I changed the color scheme to a more fall-ish palate, because those are my favorite colors. The colors remind me of a sunset, and the divided centers reminded my mom of a wrapped gift, so together we came up with the name "Sunset Surprise" for the quilt.  Here it is in completed glory, front:

Sunset Surprise front


Sunset surprise back - you can see more of my quilting on this quilt here

and with couple of other fall-colored accessories:

Elliot comes by to inspect the goods. He'll blend right in!

Bat Pumpkin holders watch over my newest creation.

In short, this one is for us and I can't wait to curl up by the fireplace under it. Finished dimensions are 50 x 70, and it is the third quilt I have assembled from start to finish, ever.

Like any mother, I love my project best: but there's a whole array of fall projects being presented over at Stitched In Color for the Celebrate Color Competition: Click the button to head on over and check them out! And if I get nominated, please vote for me!

Celebrate Color



  1. beautiful quilt and quilting!!! Let me know when and how to vote or nominate. Great job!!!

  2. Those are some of my favorite colors too! Thanks so much for joining in.

  3. Beautiful quilt! You should be quite proud of this one, and congrats for getting it done on time!