Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Froggin' - for a good friend

Work still progresses slowly but surely on Ready, Set, Snow. But now I've got a new deadline to meet: my friend B is having a baby boy in March, and I just received word her shower is January 28th!

B and I met through dance, and have been friends ever since. She introduced me to my husband, and was a bridesmaid at my wedding this past May. So clearly, I want my gift to her baby boy to be as special as it can be. She's shown me the bedding set she and her husband had selected - Lilly pads and frogs in blues and greens - and I have the perfect fabric to go with it:

Froggin' by Sue Zipkin for Clothworks.

Froggin' came out just this month (you can thank the Fat Quarter Shop for the preview that hooked me), and I ordered it the day I got the "in stock" email.  I also did a considerable amount of shopping online and in stores for a corresponding pattern, before settling on "Little Buddy" by Carlene Westberg as my final design.

Froggin' and Little Buddy Pattern

I decided I liked Little Buddy because it didn't look overly formulaic, but it still had nice big blocks that I could use to help feature the frogs. I'd also considered "Little Lady Jane," "Crazy Eights," and "Yellow Brick Road," but decided they just didn't have *quite* the playful, blocky look I was going for. So now, I had fabric AND a pattern. All I needed was opportunity...

Opportunity is a little short around my house these days, what with my sewing room being the living room and our lives a blur of holiday parties, shopping, and family visitations. But last Thursday - literally, the night before my Brother-in-Law came - I got my cleaning done early and was able to drag out my sewing machine for a few precious hours. This is the result!

Partially pieced, I was able to assemble it later
I really really want my quilt for B's son to turn out right, so I have decided to send it to Another Mary Ann, "my" Pro Quilter of Extreme Awesomeness. It's a pretty fast turnaround request for her - and there may have been some uh, begging and groveling involved - but now that I have quilted some of my own quilts, I have an even greater appreciation for what she can do!

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  1. OH!!! I LUV Frogs!! I am going to have to check that fabric out! Fun quilt!!