Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spookyvile Completed - Celebrate Color

Welcome Celebrate Color participants!

I am proud to present... Spookyville complete! This quilt is going to the son of one of my dance troupe mates, a "Boooooyyyy" who is currently scheduled to make his official entrance to the world on Halloween Day. His parents - both HUGE Halloween buffs - couldn't be happier. 

This quilt is made entirely from Spookyville fabric by Julie Dobson Miner. It features 2 panels and a fat quarter, plus sashing and binding. I even free-motion quilted it myself, making it the second quilt I have ever assembled from start to finish. Here it is front and back:

 And some close-ups of my quilting:

 Plus my husbands favorite detail :

This quilt was completed on September 21st, 2011 and will leave for its new home on October 8.

Just in time to enter it in this month's Celebrate Color competition from Stitched In Color. I know it's not traditional fall colors, but what could be more associated with Fall than Halloween? If you like this quilt and it makes it to the finals, please vote for me! And if you're a normal reader, feel free to head on over there and see what others have submitted - there's quite the array.

Celebrate Color


  1. All I can say is WOW!!! Your quilting details is great. I am inspired to aspire to greater heights. I really gotta get back to my quilting. I am just a bit sad I will not get to see it in person.

  2. Actually... you sort of will. After a lot of campaigning to get the husband interested in other Halloween Fabric, as he was helping me take this pictures he waxed poetic yet again on the cuteness of this quilt. So I gave up and asked "really, should I just get more of this and make another one for us?" and he said "Yes."

    My new fabric order went in the mail yesterday.

  3. A Halloween quilt for a Halloween baby. That's double lucky!

  4. Wow, your second quilt and your making it look this good! Great job. I bet the parents and baby will all love it!