Thursday, September 1, 2011


If ever you need an excuse to shop for fat quarters until you drop, and perhaps beyond that, I have discovered the secret to making it happen.

1) Marry into (or at least become engaged within) a large family.
2) Decide that you're going to make everyone, from grandparent to grandkid, a 16" stocking.

Works like a charm, every time - and in only 2 easy steps!

I calculated out 16 family members on his side (he's one of 7 kids) plus 3 for me and my parents. I have 2 siblings + a FSIL that didn't make it out, so theirs are a project for 2011. But all in all, the total came to 19 stockings - a few of which I was able to do from stash, but most of which took me on a tour of every quilt shop in the OKC metro area looking for just the perfect fabric for each person.

Here's the result:

19 stockings, hung by the fire with care. Mine is the pumpkins, if anyone asks.

Extra points to anyone who can correctly identify which 2 stockings here came from stash.

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