Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rainbow Off The Rails

At the time I bought this fabric, my darling 2 year old niece was... maybe 6 months? My mom had gifted me the book 90-Minute Quilts, and I was intrigued by a faux rail fence quilt that used striped fabric to get the rail fence look with squares. So, when I saw the Wizard of Oz Rainbow Fabric, I was immediately gone.

Of course, I bought all the stuff to start the quilt, and then life intervened. I did another project instead, and this one got shelved for... a while. When I picked it back up, of course I couldn't help but tinker. It took me a while to figure out a way to sash my rail fence rainbow (and my stitch ripper and I got very familiar along the way), but once I did, my rainbow looked like this:

Colorful, huh? I thought the blue "sky" bits really added a pop.

Unfortunately at finished size the quilt turned out to be about 36" by 45", which seemed a little small for a gift to someone sharing a room with the Ellie fun quilt (~50x70) so it looks like rainbow off the rails is probably going to be "in reserve" for a different home. Here it is *almost* fully assembled:

Because it was so small a quilt top, I thought it would be perfect for my upcoming "Free Motion Quilting Expanded" class. More to come on that.


  1. Am I thinking de ja vu all over again?

  2. @Mary Ann - You are you are! I finished the quilting at home am working on the binding right now. Once I get that done, I'll post pics of the finished product.