Monday, September 19, 2011


It's nearing Halloween! For me the best part of Halloween has always been the chocolate, but my husband is a consummate Scary Everything lover. His favorite type of movie is the one that makes me jump right off the couch!

Anyways, so when I heard a mutual friend was pregnant and expecting her baby on - you guessed it - Halloween (and she's as big a fan of Halloween as my husband!) I just had to jump in and try something. There is a lot of really great Halloween fabric out there, some of which I still pine for, but here's what I chose for her: Spookyville!

Spookyville by Julie Dobson for Studio E Fabrics - Panel

Spookyville Fat Quarter pack from the Fat Quarter shop
I love working with panels: I feel like it challenges my fly-by-the seat-of-my-pants-ness, and for the most part I like the idea of central features to design around. If course, the first thing I did was cut 2 panels up, to arrange this:

A Spooky Beginning?

Which eventually turned into this:


Of course my husband then looked at it and said hopefully, "that's really adorable honey, is it for us?"  So now I have to make US a Halloween quilt too!


  1. I am now a follower joining the stampeding hoards that are pounding a path with bated breath to the fabric inundated realms of your sewing arena to catch a mere glimpse of your next scintillating, enticing project. MOM

  2. Whoohoo - So excited to see you. I It's a little confusing because you have a gmail ID to get in, and a blogger ID to comment, so maybe you signed up for one and not the other? I'll call to help troubleshoot tonight.

  3. I now have a blog of my own. DianeLoves2Quilt