Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My eldest niece is ten, so when it came time for HER quilt, she got to pick her own fabric. She lives far away, so my SIL took her to the Quilter's Corner near her. There, she picked her feature fabric (center).

She did a great job getting something easy to work with: I'd never tried batiks, but her fabric had so many different colors, it was easy to match. The fabrics on the side are my picks, intended to play off the pinks, blues, oranges, greens and purples in her fabric.

I can't find the picture any more, but seeing a quilt kit at the Fat Quarter Shop made me want to try triangles, and blocks on point. I decided NOT to mess with my niece's lovely feature fabric, but to change the look on my complementary blocks. Here I am practicing on some old Ellie Fun Fabric with my mom:

and here are my blocks:

...along with the featured blocks...

My first attempt at Sashing fell... a little short of the mark. The fabric I'd picked was white with very faint green and pink tie-dye veins running through. Unfortunately, set next to the blocks, it looked very stark and... kind of clinical.

So, it was mom to the rescue.

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  1. Great job on the quarter square triangles! And picking the rest of the batiks. Can't wait to see the sashing.