Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spookyville Back

One day, I will indulge. Rather than piece laboriously from the fabric leftover from the front of the quilt, I will simply BUY a fabric I like - in whatever yardage I need - and use it to back my quilt. That will have the advantage of being much, much quicker than my current method, but it will also be more expensive. Ah, well, jot it down under "things to do when I win the lottery (and have infinite space for my stash)."

In the meantime, the good part of all that piecing is, the back of Spookyville I think comes out close to equally cute:

It was a tight squeeze, but I managed to use all the leftover fat quarters and most of the leftover sashing to make a back that's maybe 4 inches wider than the top itself. I think it also took about as long.

Anyways, I have a couple more projects before I can in good conscience buy fabric again, but here is what I am looking at:

Trick Or Treat by Riley Blake

Gone Haunting By Sue Zipkin

Anyone else drooling over Halloween fabric as the month of October draws close?


  1. Check out the Kitty Halloween fabric at Keepsake Quilting! And as for backing fabric, I buy clearance fabric for that. Just spent $12 for four yards. Will scan it if can post an image to this blog.-MOM

  2. That's a really good idea! My stash area is pretty limited, so I can't go too crazy with buying and storing 4 yards at a time, but certainly for quilts I already know I will be making...

    Love the kitty fabric. Not sure it will go with either of my current candidates for a top, though.

  3. Kitty fabric not intended to go with one of your tops. Clearly you have not been thoroughly infected by the quilt bug, yet. One of the rampant symptoms is that one need not have a planned use for a fabric in order to buy it. It just has to be cute, beautiful, dramatic, themes, unique, in a color you do not have, in a color you love, in a color you hate and consequently have none of but therefore must buy to stretch yourself. For those severely infected just being on sale or being end of bolt and therefore unobtainable if you do not buy it NOW are sufficient reasons to purchase.

  4. Hee hee. Give me time, give me time. I will admit to already having acquired more than a few purple fat quarters for a "someday" purple quilt: and even without the rampant purchase of fabric I don't explicitly need, Mint gleefully informs me that I have spent almost $1,000 on fabric, professional quilting, classes, and my own cutting and quilting supplies just since the wedding. So I think I'm getting there (and I am yet again thankful for my good job and college education!). Now I just need to work on the stash I've already acquired.

    Oh, and I saw the backing fabric for my Jason Yenter Eclectic Garden quilt on sale a couple of places. Looks like it's time to drag that kit out and see if backing fabric is included. I am thinking that quilt will be my next piecing project - if I can ever get to it.