Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fresh Slices with a Twist

I have to admit, I bought a grab bag of old quilt magazines at my local quilt shop, and was less than impressed. It's hard to find a magazine that consistently presents patterns I'd like to tackle in colors that make me want to tackle them, and at my (currently rather low) preferred degree of quilting difficulty.  But, when I saw this magazine (again, at the Fat Quarter Shop, I am nothing if not consistent) I knew I had to have it. I checked all the shops in the area to no avail, but then I lucked out because Target of all places happened to have it:

My husband was mightily entertained by me walking around the store with my nose in it, and generously steered me away from small children and display cases.

I'd seen the quilt kit that was available for it (named "Fresh Slices" by the FQS), but decided that lime green wasn't really my thing. So, having properly recovered from the Great Fat Quarter Hunt of '10 , I set out to make another project from fat quarters. I had a couple of pinks and oranges from a previous project I'd abandoned, and a some purple because even though I am not a big "stash without a project in mind" type, purple is my favorite color and so naturally there were a few cave-ins. The rest I was able to supplement with striped fabric found at my first-ever quilt show, and a couple of quick trips to the local shops.

I was in such a hurry to get started that I forgot to take pictures of the uncut fabric or even the blocks. But in short order I had the center of the quilt assembled, like so:

And then the outer border came together like so:

Pretty cool, huh? I definitely liked the way this top turned out, with the pinks and oranges and purples and maroons, and I was able to use up some stash I otherwise wouldn't have know what to do with.
Plus  when it came down to it, I was pleased with my color selection. Dianeloves2Quilt has suggested I name it "Sunset Surprise" since the orange and purple centerlines remind her of presents, and the colors make me think of a sunset.

And here is the back, pieced (yet again) from some mix of scraps and new fabric:

I just finished quilting this myself a week or 2 ago, but that's a post for another time.


  1. I absolutely love those colors in that combination and found it quite amusing how you came upon the inspiration.

  2. Thanks! Truth be told, at some point I want to make this one again with aquas, browns, and pinks; google "Groove On" By Marie Osmond for some fabric I am fantasizing about. Having the striped fabric for a guide made it a lot easier to pick out colors, I think.

    As for the inspiration, maybe I need to go back to Target and see what they have in terms of quilting magazines *this* month!