Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Traditions (Brushing off the Cobwebs)

Hats off to Mr RLQ, who watched baby A for an entire weekend day so I could sew! After much deliberation (but that's its own post) I decided to go with my one (yes one) remaining WIP from last year; Christmas Traditions.

To jog your memory, Christmas Traditions is a quilt from Best Quilts For Christmas 2011 magazine, based on J Wecker Frisk's Christmas Traditions fabric.  It was my first paper piecing project, and  when last we left it, this is what it looked like:

It's definitely the most technically challenging quilt I have ever tried. It requires paper piecing and applique, both of which I had never done when I started. But I love the look of it, and the fabrics are rich and beautiful. It captures the history of the Christmas tree, and last year I caved on the matching tree skirt as well.

Anyways, next up was applique.  Fortunately, it had been over 6 months since I finished Star Wars (and really, 2.5 months since I did any quilting at all), so I was nicely recharged on that front.

Unfortunately, even after a full day's sewing, I am still working on all the side blocks; but the center blocks are completed, and I am getting really excited to assemble!

Linking up to WIP Wednesday, Which I have also missed since taking my "maternity leave" from quilting.

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  1. Yay! So glad that your are back quilting and blogging! I too love the colors in this Christmas Traditions quilt. Although I must admit, although I love the turquoises so popular today and like in your Ready Set Snow quilt, the red, green and gold really say Christmas to me. (Hence the word tradition... duh?) I looked close up at your applique work and what a beautiful job you are doing. It is going to be a stunning quilt! Kudos to Mr RLQ for lending a hand. It takes more discipline to do when you are home and he takes over rather than when you go somewhere and leave the baby with him at home.

  2. Just stopping by to say 'hi,' since I have no comments about quilting! It's great that you are able to still sew, though, even when you have such a small baby to take care of!