Thursday, May 22, 2014

Star Trek

I swear I don't actually set out to make space themed quilts... not that you'd be able to tell from my history with Star Wars, Alien Invasion, and now... Star Trek.

Star Trek was born to some degree of serendipitous timing; one of my closest friends from high school (and the Maid of Honor) at my wedding mentioned she was pregnant right around the time that Camelot Fabrics released a Star-Trek themed line. As she and her husband are both Trekkies through and through (he plays the collectible card game, she got me hooked on ST: Voyager in high school) It seemed only sensible that a star-trek themed quilt is something they would both enjoy.

Those with keen eyes and long memories may recognize this quilt as having the same pattern as Froggin', which was gifted (ironically enough) to another friend/bridesmaid of mine in 2010.  As such, it is not the most technically challenging quilt I have made, but I really do just love the pattern, and this had the added benefit of being something I can complete while my friend's daughter is still young enough to use a baby quilt.

I used fabric from the collection, and coordinating fabric from my LQS to piece the front; the back is my absolute favorite fabric from the collection, and this was my first try at an actual hand-stitched dedication... before I have always done them FMQ.

I'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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  1. It looks fantastic. I love the pops of orange. Your FMQ'd Vulcan hand and starship Enterprise are awesome. The hand-stitched dedication is a heartwarming personal touch.