Monday, September 29, 2014

A Hand Stitched Hug

One of the challenges when making a quilt for someone who reads my quilt blog is keeping mum on the project until it is time to reveal the quilt. But this weekend, I got to give this one to its new owner in person. So without further ado, introducing... ConVivial Company.

This quilt is designated for my new niece, Vivian, who is just under 6 months old. I drew the colors from my Sister-in-law's description of her nursery - Browns, greens, blues and "just enough pink so people can tell she's a girl," 

For the fabrics, I went to my local quilt shop and picked out a fun bird-and-dragonfly print from Wren and Friends by Gina Martin. The other octagons (and the sashing) are all pulled from the colors of that feature fabric (ie, the ones my SIL indicated). The idea for the Octagons came from an issue of Fresh Quilts Magazine, but of course I had to move things around and change the dimensions to suit my tastes.

For the backing, I fell in love with a gorgeous wooded print from my LQS, and paired that with two more fabrics from the Wren and Friends collection.

I quilted the brown sashing with big FMQ loops. And for the first time ever, I've used big hand stitching in Perle Cotton to quilt the octagons. I'd really wanted them to stand out, so I followed a tutorial from my friend Amanda over at the Cozy Pumpkin. I actually really enjoyed the hand-stitiching process (which took many sessions to complete), leading me to think of Bert's line in "Mary Poppins" when he declares Veronica, Millicent, Agnes and Jane "convivial company, time and again"

That said, despite the timesink, I am pleased with the results. For the binding I chose a fun Chevron print, which I think adds just the right pop of color.

But after the hand-stitched Octagons, I think the thing I am most proud of on this quilt is the label. My Sister-in-law treasures things with a legacy (My niece will be christened in her father's Christening gown, she went home from the hospital in the same yellow footie her mother did, for example), so I want to make sure that this quilt's history is never lost, no matter how many times it is handed down.

Using a scrap from the sashing and the same Perle cotton I used for the quilting, I have dedicated the quilt to my niece, as well as "signed" and dated it. It's attached with both fusible and a hand blanket stitch, which I hope will give it staying power well into the future

But as for the now? Well... now it's time hand over the quilt! It's hard parting with something I've put so much love and effort into, but fortunately, it has been well received. Enjoy your quilt for years to come, sweet Vivian!

Think of it as a hand stitched hug from your Auntie.

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  1. Vivian (and us) just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilt! Of course, it is beautiful - the colors and fabrics and stitching - but it also so meaningful. I, too, especially like the dedication. Thank you so much! I also loved the pictures that I took on my camera of you and her; you, her, and Dan; and us Chambers' on the couch with the quilt (I emailed them to you). A treasure, indeed!

  2. This quilt is absolutely darling! I am starting to love quilts with a brown background with lighter and brighter colors. I also love e the hand stitched touch.

  3. What a beautiful quilt - I love the colour scheme, just girlie enough but not too much; definitely a quilt she can grow up with as well as one for now.

  4. Awww!! This is so darling! Love how you made it!