Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday #6 - Star Wars, Froggin'

(Still) In Progress - Sweet Star Wars
For those just tuning in, Star Wars is my first applique project. I found some adorable fanart online, and have been working to recreate the images in fabric for a couple of weeks now. I assembled three characters last week, and this week I managed another 3.

Han Solo, Jango Fett, and Twi-lek

I still have one more to go, but then all that's left is blanket stitching and my original goal will be complete.

But the best news is, now that I have proven myself capable of making the blocks I have a plan for how to use them! Follow the link here to read more about it.

Back From the Quilter! - Froggin'
Normally these days I quilt my own quilts, but this quilt is for a very special baby: My close friend who introduced me to my husband and stood up at my wedding is due in March, and she is of the meticulous sort who happily steamed and pressed my wedding dress for hours, so I really wanted her quilt to turn out nicely. My Pro Quilter of Extreme Awesomeness did not disappoint on that front!

Froggin' at T minus 4 days and counting...

Not quilted by me, but I love it anyway!

You can see more close-ups of her lovely quilting job here (frogs and butterflies and dragonflies in the squares), and she got it back to me with a week to spare. So, I have been busily binding the heck out of it. Technically, it is "due" this Saturday for my friend's baby shower.

I am still trying to figure out a low cost and low lead time way to label it, though. I want baby B to know it was made with love especially for him! Does anyone have any suggestions on that can be put together in 3 days' time? My sewing machine does not have an alphabet function.

No Progress:

-Trick or Treat

-Christmas Traditions

-Eclectic Gardens

-Ready, Set, Snow

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  1. thanks for your nice comment, and yes Im working on Amelies quilt since 2 years now handquilting it, with lots of pause in the summer seasons, its too hot underneath

    and wow love your star wars applique, havent done any applique before, Im too scared to ruin something lol

    Hugs Cornelia

  2. Oh my...these are sew awesome! Huge Star Wars fans here...intergenerational! These are just way too much fun and the Froggin' quilt is so cute! Great WIP and finish!

  3. Oh Goodness!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the star wars blocks, those are wayyyy to cute!!

  4. Really fantastic applique! Love the Star Wars idea...dh would love a superhero one similar!

  5. That applique is amazing!!!! You did a really awesome job. I love, love, LOVE it.

  6. CUTE appliques!! That is awesome!! Way to go! THe frogs are darling too!

  7. love the Star Wars applique. the baby quilt is very nice!

  8. Haha!! I *love* the Star Wars project!

  9. Those Star Wars cartoon figures are just plain adorable! And I love the stylized font of the logo.

  10. I am still so in admiration of this project! Love Han!