Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday #5 - Star Wars, RSS

In Progress - Sweet Star Wars
So, it goes. For anyone just tuning in, this is my first applique project ever; and I have picked a fairly ambitious design. I found adorable Star Wars art online, and I am trying to recreate the characters mostly Kona Solids. Here's who I've got so far:

Yoda and Chewie are just ironed on and not stitched, but I did get brave enough to try blanket-stitching Leia this weekend! She turned out better than I expected, although I am still glad I am not a perfectionist. Click the little photo below to see the detail of my stitching.

I'm also glad to say that I have finished cutting everyone out (7 characters total), so hopefully now things will move much faster.

Bound, but not Complete - Ready, Set, Snow
I finished the hand stitching on this, but discovered an unpleasant surprise: I missed a little bit of the top when I sewed the binding on! Augh! And of course I couldn't discover this *before* I hand-stitched that part, no: it was probably the jostling of the quilt as I sewed the other side that caused this particular ~2 inch segment to come loose

Said segment is on the bottom slightly right-of-center, so I think my best bet might be to just cover it with an applique. If anybody has any other ideas, I am all ears, though.

Binding - Eclectic Garden
More on this later; just started the binding this week.

No Progress:

-Trick or Treat

-Christmas Traditions

In queue for pro quilting

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  1. Oh my goodness, those are so cute, and you applique is great!

  2. I <3 ur chewie! What a fun project!!

  3. What a fun project, these look so cute.

  4. Those are so great! Chewie caught my eye right away on the WIP page :)

  5. I LOVE these! I'm sorry I'm just tuning in -- what's the larger project? If you ever want to guest post on my blog (, I would love it - this is the perfect nerdy quilty project!

  6. I *love* your Star Wars quilt. They are adorable.

  7. These cartoon characters are so adorable ya just want to squoosh them to pieces. Great job, anxious to see your assembly and sashing ideas next.