Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday #7: More Star Wars, Eclectic Garden

I had family in town, so not a lot of progress this week. BUT...

(Still) In Progress - Sweet Star Wars
My big accomplishment is assembling Luke! Luke was especially unnerving because he has a translucent visor. I am used to working with sheer fabric from my days as a bellydancer, but that just means I know how quickly an iron can destroy it. Not good for applique. If you look closely there are a couple of bubbles in the fabric, and the visor deformed a little with the heat: but overall, I'm pretty happy because it still looks like Luke!

Luke Skywalker

For the record, I am not the "original artist" on these characters. I am adapting them from digital art by Jeff Victor, whose artwork can be found here. This is my first applique project.

If you are new to this project, the plan and the other blocks are here, and the story behind it is here.

Binding - Eclectic Garden
At one point, I had 3 quilts all sitting around waiting to be bound: this is the last of the three. I know I promised it last week but... more on this later. I am making my way through the handstitching, slowly but surely.

Finished! - Froggin'
Froggin' was finished Thursday night, and gifted to my beloved friend this past Saturday. Hopefully her little boy will get to enjoy it in due time!

No Progress:

-Trick or Treat

-Christmas Traditions

-Ready, Set, Snow

And, for proper linkage:

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  1. Making a sheer visor is SO creative and adds so much. This quilt is a real work of art. There is a strong possibility it may become a wall hanging instead of being dragged around.. but that is OK, too! You might consider adding a casing on the back so it can be hung from a cafe curtain rod on a nursery wall.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Progress is slow as I learn the ropes, but I'm having fun.

  3. You must REALLY like your friend to give her something as cool (and labor intensive--pun intended) as this! It will be awesome in her nursery!

    1. I do I do! Although I'll admit that this is my first applique project ever, and if I'd known going in how much work it was going to be I probably would have narrowed the scope. Just for my own sanity.

      But, the fact that I know my friend will love it keeps me motivated. And the quilt is slowly but surely getting done.