Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prudence, thy name is not Robin

At the Quilt Show last weekend:

Me: Man, I really like this fabric.
Husband: Then you should get it.
Me: Have you seen my stash? I am not allowed to purchase anything, ever again.
(repeat about 40x)
Husband: Wow. You have self control. Who knew?
Me: Only sort of.

Last  year, I swore in November that no new fabric for... a very long time. So far I haven't purchased anything not directly needed for Star Wars in January. But in December, there were several caves on the fabric acquisition front. I am apparently unable to resist really good Black Friday and End of Bolt sales, or the allure of my mother when she says "help yourself to anything you want in my stash."

Did I say no new fabric? I meant no blue cambric. No shoe fast-click?

Upper Row, Left to Right:
1) Pooh panel, border and backing for a Charity quilt, 40% off at Hancock's the day after Thanksgiving.
2) Amy Butler Alien Invasion Jelly Roll, My Universe Print from Fort Worth Fabric Studio, 50% off in the bargain bin.
3) Cat Fabric from Mom's Stash that she generously let me take home with me at Christmas.
4) Alphabet Zoo Panel and sale Christmas fabrics from In Between Stitches, Mom's LQS.

Lower Row, Left to Right
1) Kim Schaefer Snowman print giveaway from MamaCJT's blog.
2) Harvest print from Mom's Stash.
3) Nancy Halvorsen's "Deer Friends" quilt kit I received as a Christmas gift (Yay!)

I will admit, all this sexy new fabric is starting to weigh extra-heavily on me since both Christmas Traditions and Star Wars are taking far longer than my usual weekender quilt. I am glad I am doing them - because the learning experience has been phenomenal - but part of me just can't stand all this other fun stuff overflowing my stash drawer untouched!

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