Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Close!

Just a little bit more of the binding to do! Sunset Surprise is coming along slowly but surely. Look at my progress!

 I have quilted it in a meander of flowers and leaves for the main blocks, and loop-de-loops for the blocks that surround the striped print

Flowers! I think they are fast becoming my signature quilting move.

I got the idea for the loops from looking at other quilts Mary Ann had quilted for me

And I'm binding it using the same purple with dots and sashes that makes up the vertical blocks. The original pattern called for more striped fabric, but I didn't have enough and honestly, I am glad because I think on this one, a the more muted tone works better.

From the back. Check out the mitering on those corners!

I think about one more sitting is all it will take - and then on to the next big project!


  1. Great progress. Your quilting skills are really growing. That is something I still need to develop. The old "quilt as desired" leaves me saying "Huh?" I love your backing fabric- so much so I own a few yards of it myself! I like your choice of loop- de -loops and flowers. They really contribute to the perky ambience of the quilt. I have a brief reminder- how about posting those pumpkin candle holders? And do you have any plans for a pumpkin (not Halloween but rather fall/Thanksgiving) quilt?

  2. You go girl!!!! Nothing makes a quilter better than quilting their own quilts! the more you quilt the better you get. Good job!!
    Mary Ann

  3. @Diane -

    Thanks! I am amused we own the same fabric - I must admit I have stashed some as well, since it was close to the end of the bolt and the lady at the quilt store said "well, do you want the rest of it?"

    Maybe we can schedule one of your next visits in time for Mary Ann's free motion quilting class! Hers is by far the best I have ever taken, and I do honestly think some of the challenge is just getting over the performance anxiety and DOING it. I mean, there is no wrong way to quilt a quilt, and I've definitely done some "learn by doing" on my stuff. Of course, on my end it helps that the piecing is simple and there's a lot of "what you can do with a square" literature out there.

    I don't really have any Thanksgiving/specifically fall quilts planned for this year, in part because Christmas and Halloween have taken priority and in part because I haven't really seen any fall collections that grab me other than (very recently) Sandy Gervais' "Grand Finale." Well, and the stuff you bought at the quilt show, but I am currently in a strict "no adding stuff to my stash" phase. I will admit to having a few pumpkin fat quarters stashed for "the eventual," though.

    The pumpkin holders can be spotted in my Celebrate color post, and I have ordered 2 more (spiders) that are supposed to be here Oct 29.

    @matate -

    Thanks! I have 2 more quilts finished and ready to baste. So more practice is definitely in my future!