Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Difference Between "Done" and Done

Once Upon a Time, when I put the last stitch in the binding of a quilt, I was done. Finished! On to the next project. Over and out. I am feeling some sweet nostalgia for that time right about now, because I am in the new " 'done' but not done" stage on my son's dinosaur quilt.

I've completed the binding, and if this were a regular quilt - the kind used for tummy time or cuddling on the couch - I would wash it, and that would be that. But this is intended to be a centerpiece to my son's nearly-completed nursery. So, it needs a rod pocket.

If there's one thing the mother of a 2-month old infant *doesn't* have, it's extra time. And this rod pocket has to be stitched on by hand! Sigh. I'm halfway there, but because I'm constantly interrupted (and back at work now) it's slow going.

I'm also tackling a hand-stitched dedication, much as I did for Star Trek and ConVivial Company.

This project-within-a-project is coming with me to doctor's offices and pump sessions, anywhere I think I can get a couple of stitches in. I know I'll be glad for this little piece of legacy in the long run (I have plans to go back and do one for my daughter's quilt too), but summer is giving way to fall here, and I am SO READY to tackle a fall project instead.

And I'm ready to have this hanging in little I's nursery! Once the dedication is stitched, I'll still have to attach it, so it sounds like Christmas Traditions and its fall ilk will have to stay on the backburner a little longer. I may take a quick break to sew a birthday shirt for my daughter, but I hate to let this linger in the to-do pile any longer than I have to.

Oh well. At least I'll have a lot to be proud of when I (finally) finish this. Done, as it turns out,  is better than "Done," even if it takes more work to get there!


  1. Your hand-stitched dedications are truly worth the extra effort, and will especially be so in the years to come. Besides, it can often be nice to have a small portable project to relax with at odd moments. Think of the embroidered dedication that way - a mobile yoga-like de-stressing aid. Chasing after those moving finish lines can be daunting but continue to be the tortoise and not the hare. Remember who was the winner at the end. I am also impressed as I was reminded just how many quilts you did finish simultaneous with raising young babies and toddlers. And each of them was an original design, not just a pattern or kit. Awesome!

  2. It's always about the extra little details in the end. It's great you're taking the time with them even though it does seem to drag the process out.

  3. Looks great! With normal quilts, I'd put the label on the back...but since this is a wall hanging, are you going to put it on the front? Keep truckin' along, you'll get it finished!

  4. From the looks of it - you are almost finished. And I NEVER finished anything while me kids were that little. So you are doing great. (By the way - I also have a done piece - wall hanging. But I have to put the rod pocket on it. I suppose if you can finish it with a baby - I can finish it too.) Thanks for the inspiration.