Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Little Birthday Shirt

I'll admit to having lost a little bit of momentum on my Dinosaur quilt, but for a very good reason! My daughter just turned 3, and I made her a party shirt for her birthday.

This year, the party was My Little Pony themed. Last year I made the ModKid Kyoko Shirt, and really liked the results, but this year I wanted something a little more playful and feminine. So I chose Foo Foo Thread's Peasant Girls' Easy Tunic Top on Etsy.

This was less a "pattern" than a tutorial - in fact, the only "pattern" that comes with purchase is a template for the armholes - otherwise, the entire garment is constructed of squares with strategic gathering. Since I'm a quilter, that made it super easy to cut out for me.

Putting it together wasn't too bad either - I'm an "advanced beginner" at best when it comes to garment sewing, and I was able to put this together in 4-5 (interrupted) hours. My main complaint was that the photos in the tutorial were pretty small and could not be zoomed in on - I spent plenty of time either resizing the PDF file to look at the photos (and then losing the ability to see an entire line of words on the screen) or squinting and leaning in to look closer. I have a 15" monitor and 20/20 vision, so I don't think that problem would be unique to me.

The MLP fabric came from, and the blue vine print was specifically acquired from a Local Quilt Shop for this project: This combination was a little "out there" for me composition wise, and I agonized about it quite a bit, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with this shirt! I love the bow in the back, and despite some early skepticism, the sleeves shaped up really well. My daughter was excited to wear it for her party, and we'll see how much use it gets going forward.

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  1. She looks simply adorable! I love it so much!

  2. The top really came out cute and the colors you picked are just great on her. I think she really enjoyed wearing it and the fact that her mommy made it. I am also positive that being My Little Pony themed did not hurt - no, not one little bit.

  3. A has such a talented Mama! Happy 3rd birthday!