Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday #9 - Officially Behind

(Still) In Progress - Sweet Star Wars
Baby S was born sometime this morning, a healthy 7 lbs 5 ounces and 20" inches long. His mom and dad are (rightfully) incredibly proud and excited, and I am too. But this also means I am officially behind.

I am getting closer to assembly though: this week I pieced the stars...

That will take up the blank spaces in this arrangement:

(Yes, this photo is a couple weeks old; Luke is fully assembled now)
and I am probably 75% done with all the blanket stitching. You can see close-ups of my completed characters here, and fully-assembled Luke is here: I've done some blanket stitching on him since the photo was taken, though.

If you are new to this project, this is my first-ever attempt at applique. The story behind it is here, and the original artwork I am using to create my characters is here.

Assembled - Trick Or Treat
I will admit to running a diversion to keep myself motivated. After basically three weeks of nonstop blanket stitching, I needed some piecing release! Trick Or Treat is made from a 10" Stacker + some striped yardage of "Trick Or Treat" by Doodlebug Designs for Riley Blake. The full post on it is here, and this is what it looks like this week:

Finished size is about 42"x48", and I cannot wait to start backing and quilting it!

No Progress:

-Christmas Traditions

-Eclectic Garden

-Ready, Set, Snow

And, for proper linkage:

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  1. Love your star wars quilt - I just finished an R2D2 quilt for my oldest son. Still need to quilt it, but the top is done.
    Well done!

  2. I love the Star Wars quilt! It looks fabulous! :D :D

  3. Star Wars quilt is amazing! I'm going to have to do that someday :) Can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. Your Star Wars Quilt is looking great!! It always seems like the blanket stitching takes forever!

  5. Looking great! And congrats on the birth - so thrilling to have a new little one and probably the very best reason to be behind!!

  6. What happened with this project? Did you finish it? I'm not even into quilting, but I want to know and see it! :-)