Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eclectic Garden 2

Eclectic Garden came back from my Pro Quilter Of Extreme Awesomeness in December, right around all the Christmas mania. So, needless to say it had to "marinate" a little while in the closet. But it is out now! And I am SUPER excited to finally be binding it. I already love to cuddle under it while I work on it.

Another Mary Ann did a great job on the quilting - I gave it to her because it turned out to be a bit big for my little machine, and I'm glad I did. Click the photo to see an up-close of the quilting.

Eclectic Garden is also a bit of a departure for me because the back isn't pieced: by the time I got to this quilt kit (which included everything but the backing), most quilt stores had already sold out of the collection, and only a very few had it left on very good sale. Not wanting the fabric to sell out from under me, I went ahead and purchased my backing (40% off!)

Normally I liked to piece at least a *little* bit on the back, for that homemade feel, but in this case I'm actually kind of glad I didn't - uniform backing does have a certain elegant/"professional" feel to it that I am really digging. Plus this way the front gets to be the focal piece.

I am binding Eclectic Garden with the same fabric that was used on the backing and borders.  Normally when I bind I like to pick a contrasting band of color, but this what the designer recommended and what came with the kit.  So far the jury's still out.

And I am... maybe 1/4 of the way done with the binding. This project will probably be ongoing for a bit yet. BUt once it's done... I think this one will get the spot of honor on the couch.

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