Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday #10: Big News, and SO Behind

The big news!
I am pregnant! Baby RLQ is 18 weeks along and Due October 9, putting me solidly in the second trimester. Mr. RLQ and I couldn't be happier about this development, but pregnancy has definitely managed to take a big bite out of my quilting time.

My morning sickness hasn't been too bad, but I find am very, VERY exhausted, all the time. We're talking waking up tired after 12 hours sleep, and needing a three-hour nap after strenuous activities like "doing the dishes" or "going crib-shopping for an hour." I've gotten a *little* better about such things in the past month, but it's looking like "crazy tired" is probably going to be my companion  for the long haul.

That said, I did get my quilt on this weekend a little bit, for the first time in almost 2 months. Here's where I got: And yes, I needed a nap afterwards, but it was worth it.

(Ever) In Progress - Sweet Star Wars
Baby S, my friend's baby and the eventual recipient of this quilt, is almost two months old now. 1) My, how they grow and 2) Ooops!

Anyways, here's what the quilt looks like this week (click to enlarge):

To get to here I FMQed little noses and mouths onto the human characters + Twi-lek, tacked um, not-Boba Fett's gun blasts down with a little orange stitching, and started work on the sashing. My goal was to complete the assembly on Sunday, but I'll take what I can get.

No Progress:

-Christmas Traditions
-Trick or Treat

-Eclectic Garden

-Ready, Set, Snow

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  1. I love this!! And congrats on the pregnancy!!

  2. Congrats!! And I'm sooooooo in love with that Star Wars quilt!

  3. congrats on the baby! hope you begin to feel like yourself soon :) your starwars quilt is so great! love it!

  4. COngrats on your pregnancy! You should start to feel better soon. Towards the end of my second trimesters and the third trimesters I was feeling great, although getting huge. I love your Star Wars quilt! Hubby has requested a SW quilt... all I could come up with was a "May the force be with you" quilt done like O'Fransson!'s "Touch This Quilt." I wonder if he would go for this design. :)

  5. Glad to see you back at it ...a little.

  6. You didn't announce it at the meeting! Congratulations! And loved this quilt too.

  7. Star Wars maybe be ever in progress but at least your other project will end in 5 months or so! Star Wars is so, so, cute. But I bet your baby project is guaranteed to be cuter!