Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Even MORE Mingoes

Or, More Mingoes the encore!

Among the new babies in my life is a little sister for the recipient of More Mingoes and the Octopus Dress. I had been so consumed with making my way through Walking Dead: the Ruffles Edition that I pretty much looked up from that completed project and said "What? My friend is due in a week?" and then immediately entered a panic of "but I haven't even *thought* about what to make for her baby!"

Fortunately for me, when the baby came 4 days later I didn't *have* to think. Immediately upon learning the newborn child was a girl (my friend had declined a gender reveal at the ultrasound), I was struck by inspiration; Older sis had a flamingo dress she loved, and whenever I fussycut something, I overbuy. Did I have enough scraps to make a second dress work?

The answer: definitely yes. It took some creative seaming in the back (and a dip into my OTHER half-yard of pink Moda Marbles), but I managed a second, six-month sized Tie Dye Diva Peasant Dress to match the first. Sisters in matching outfits!

It'll be a few months before little sis' dress fits (and hopefully, older sis can still get into hers by then), but as with Zombie Ruffles, one well-loved turn deserves another!


  1. Once again, so cute! Vivian insisted that she and Lillian wear their matching dresses - the ones that you made - yesterday. The dresses have a long shelf life since they are so flexible.

  2. Congrats on completing the second one of something. I find it hard to get motivated once the novelty wears off... except for burp cloths, of course. I love the bright colors of the flamingos so that helped a lot in having a enjoyable project. Looks great and will look even better on the two sisters.