Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Territorial Quilt Show

Little kids and quilt shows may not always mix, but what can I say? We like adventure. So when the Territorial Quilt Show came to a town "near" me, I convinced Mr. RLQ that it sounded like a fun family thing to do, and we packed up the kids and went.

I would like to show you some pictures of my family at the show - or at least of the show grounds - but it turned out that wasn't in the cards. Fortunately, the show was extremely well attended, and my daughter (then 2) was HUGE into the quilts. Trying to follow an excited 2-year old through the crowd *does* tend to keep one on one's toes!

Fortunately, everyone was really nice, and I think most of the attendees were more amused than offended by my daughter running from quilt to quilt yelling "Mommy, this quilt has butterflies! This quilt has cats!" or stopping in front of a Grinch quilt to say "what's that!?!"

Someone even gave her a "judge's glove" so she could run her hand up and down her favorite quilt reverently, which then led to her "feeling" every quilt on the row through her glove (show rules said attendees could handle quilts IF they wore gloves).

My husband and 2-month-old son were also a big hit: the announcer was so intrigued at their presence that she stopped to give him a short interview (apparently a man and his infant aren't the target demographic for a quilt show - who knew?).

Unfortunately, our daughter's enthusiasm for quilts wore out a little before mine did, so we had to cut our visit short while people still liked us. But, I did get to run around and take pictures of a few of our favorites, and buy a few raffle tickets for this gorgeous Singer featherweight, which I sadly did not win. :-(

Next year I think I might leave the kids at home (they were warmly welcomed, but made it difficult to take things in at a leisurely pace), but I am still glad we all went: I would have hated to miss such an awesome (and friendly!) quilt show.


  1. I had to laugh at your first line where you said that attending a quilt show with kids is adventurous! You and your brother are oh-so-different!

    It sounds like Little A needs to spend some wrapped underneath her Grandma's Grinch Christmas quilt. I'm sure your mom would love to give her a personal introduction to the Grinch on her own quilt.

    And bummer about the sewing machine raffle. Upcoming Christmas present, though, perhaps? :-)

  2. I love the ingenious volunteer who gave her a judge's glove. And my goodness, Grandma and Grandpa both need to educate her about the Grinch! Which was her favorite quilt that she handled reverently? Glad you went even with the kid challenges - um - I mean adventures.