Friday, April 24, 2015

A Dash of Rainbows!

This was another fun weekend project - and it took almost no time at all! Little A is a My Little Pony fanatic, so when some pre-shirred MLP fabric showed up in my local Hancock's, I just *had* to figure out how to use it.

It turns out there are a ton of tutorials for making sundresses out of pre-shirred fabric on line, and after reading a few I was ready to strike out on my own. The straps are 8" x 2" strips from my stash folded over twice and sewn, and I went for the two-side-seam model on the body itself.

The whole thing took *maybe* 45 minute to whip up, and little A *loves* it. In fact, the hardest part of sewing it was getting the dress back from her once she tried it on for "strap placement" purposes. Here's hoping for a summer where it gets a lot of use!

And thanks to A for being my lovely little model.


  1. The dress turned out awesome and the photos look like they belong in a professional photographer's portfolio or a magazine ad. How pretty and lovely - both dress and child!

  2. Very cute! Perhaps after Autumn outgrows it, Viv can wear it:-) Because there's no way Vivian's mama is going to be able to sew her any cute sundresses!

    1. Thanks! I am happy to send this to Viv when Autumn is done with it, and any other fun sundresses I make. Just so you know, Viv is also on my roster for a "first-birthday" dress at some point; I just happen to be about 4.5 months behind in all my sewing :-)

    2. So glad that Vivian make your roster for a first birthday dress. You are so talented and the dresses you make, including hers, are so cute!