Monday, July 13, 2015

More Easy Peasy Peasant Fun

Why mess with success? As a reminder, I am 37 38 39 weeks pregnant and way way WAY behind on ALL of my sewing projects. Most notably, stuff for my own son (due July 19th), but also on a number of birthday gifts that were planned to be handmade.

My niece V turned 1 in April, and she was next on the list for some handmade finery. I was happy enough with how the Octopus Peasant Dress turned out that I decided to use the same pattern again; it's simple, the lines are toddler-friendly, and early reports from the first recipient were positive.

This time, I cut the drama and went to my local quilt shop, who stocked an irresistible print from Michael Miller's Oragami Oasis.

I'm not as nimble in this stage of the pregnancy, so the dress took a little longer this time around. But I got it done in a couple of sessions and was very pleased with the results:

I love the way the border print gives the dress a deliberate "direction," and skipping the ruffle this time around led to some nice, clean lines that I think I'll probably copy again. I just got word that my niece received the dress this past weekend, so now all that's left to do is wait for her to be big enough to wear it!


  1. Vivian loves the dress (and so do her parents)! Thanks so much for lovingly crafting it for her, Aunt Robin! As soon as she fits into it, we'll be sure to send a picture:-)

  2. Beautiful. You chose well your fabric. I really like how you placed the motifs.

  3. Adorable. I love how the border is arranged with the two trees. The diaper is super cute in the small print. The only thing possibly cuter than the dress will be Vivian wearing it!