Monday, May 19, 2014


Dear Charity: I owe you one. 

I started this quilt from stash fabrics in the wake of the May 20 tornado that devastated our community 1 year ago today. Originally it was going to be a Moore Love Quilt Project Quilt, but then I got so caught up in the business end of distributing charity quilts that I wasn't actually able to finish it in time. It's since languished at the top of my "to-do" pile through a job change for my husband, a change of address for us, and a first birthday party for my daughter. But about two months ago I finally got it out, and got it bound. 

Of course during that time, I've also gotten kind of attached. So far we've been blessed with a really inactive tornado season this year, so I'm thinking unless there's another big tragedy looming, this quilt might stay with us.


  1. You know how when you are prepared with an umbrella it does not rain? Let us hope having a charity quilt on your shelves (and you do have one) the tornadoes will stay away.