Monday, May 27, 2013

Throwing Open the Doors (Moore Love)

It's been a long hiatus from sewing, mostly because my daughter is so little she needs me a lot. But right now, I am compelled to sew like a maniac. I live in Oklahoma, you see, and last week's tornado? Passed right by our door. We're all right, our house is all right, both of which I am grateful for, but the swath of destruction two miles from my daughter's daycare reminds me that not everyone slipped by as unscathed.

Fortunately, I am also part of the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild, who have already mobilized. Below is a link to their project, Moore Love

Moore Love
is both collecting completed quilts for distribution to tornado survivors, and creating two guild quilts that will be raffled off with proceeds going to tornado relief.

Consequently, this is what my sewing room looks like right now as I dig through my stash searching for quick quilts I think I can complete by June 30.

Stay Tuned for more quilting...

And, linking up to WIP Wednesday, just because.

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  1. Welcome back! And, wow, your sewing room looks, um, busy;-) It also looks like there are a few quilts in that picture that already look finished. Or perhaps they are nearly finished? Anyway, happy sewing!

  2. It's a wonderful way to help the people affected. Have fun!

  3. Hi Robin, I found your blog through WIP at Freshly Pieced. Thanks for sharing the info on the Moore Love project, definitely gonna get on that and send some love their way!

  4. I enjoyed working with you admiring, folding, and preparing donated quilts for presentation. I sure hope the folks who received them had a bright spot in their day.