Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday #11: Star Wars Bound

I'm still a preggo who goes to bed 2 hours before she used to, but I am pleased to find that during waking hours, I am progressively able to be more and more active. Here's what I've been up to the past 2 weeks.

Bound! - Sweet Star Wars
Just one more step! Fortunately, Star Wars is pretty small (38 x 42 at last estimate) so after a marathon basting session while my husband was out of town, I was able to do a quick meander and get this quilted in about 2 sittings.

I tried my mother's trick of machine-sewing the binding on the back first, and then wrapping around and machine stitching the front. I have to admit, I was not terribly pleased with the results of this, because then all my mistakes were ON the front where usually I can hide them. But, live and learn. I may yet make an overlay for the corners to see if that helps any.

But while usually this would be the final step for making a quilt, in this case I have 2 more:
1) I need to attach a pocket for a rod on the back, for the wall-hanging option.
2) I want to hand-stitch "May the force be with you, Young [Baby S]" in the lower right hand corner.

No, I haven't actually hand-stitched lettering on anything before, ever, but I feel this particular opportunity is too good to miss.

FMQ Planning - Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat is basted and I am very excited to start the FMQ part, but first I need to make a couple of stencils: the current plan is to try to take elements from the featured fabric (shown in orange in the picture) and place them in each of the squares.

I think I'll probably spend longer making stencils than quilting, but hopefully the results will make the prep worth it.

No Progress:

-Christmas Traditions

-Eclectic Garden

-Ready, Set, Snow

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  1. Congrats on almost being done with the Star Wars quilt!

  2. Ooh I can't wait to see what you do with the quilting on the halloween quilt! I have a weakness for halloween projects :)

  3. Your Star Wars quilt is Amazing! I have a nephew that would go crazy for that.

  4. The star wars quilt made me smile - it's so awesome!
    I wish my fiance would go out of town LOL, I'm kidding. But I do get more work done when he's at night school. :)

  5. I love the star wars quilt! I think the hand quilting of the message is a great touch! Have fun with it,just a thought you could use quilting pencil and print,or cursive your writing and then quilt, would be nice!

  6. The Star Wars quilt turned out awesome! I think the hand-stitched message will be the perfect touch!!

  7. Love the Star Wars quilt! Have my own plans to make one, but I never would have dreamed up the one you made. Super cute,

  8. How much would you charge to make a quilt like this?