Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am an efficient person by nature, and I hate waste. especially waste of really cute fabric. So when I sent a picture of my Care-Bear quilt to my soon-to-be sister-in-law, and she commented that "Care Bear" had been her nickname growing up,  I knew what I had to do. I waited until 99 cent pattern day at the local Hancock's and then picked up this McCall's 4893 pattern:

I decided the Scotty Dog was more my speed (2 parts as opposed to oh, 13?) so I went for it. This resulted in a number of "mom, what's slipstiching?" and "mom, what's basting?" calls and google searches, but here's the dog in progress:

And here he is finished! I'd never actually followed a pattern before, but I think I pretty much finished him in an evening. Here he is! An efficient use of scraps, and a good gift.

He still lives with me for reasons to be detailed in a later post, and I keep thinking one day I am going to give him safety eyes so he can be a gift to a little kid. And I will definitely make another some day, it wasn't a lot of effort and he turned out nice.

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  1. OMG you did such a good job!! That is a cutie patootie!!