Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday (the first in a While)

It's been a long hiatus from sewing, but I'm finally at it again! My new sewing room is probably going to be a work in progress for a long, long time, but at least I can now find my things again. And to celebrate, here's a (fairly comprehensive) list of projects I have dug out for the near future.

Binding - Boo Charity Quilt
This was originally supposed to be a charity quilt for the Moore Love project in May, but then I got sidetracked by helping with distribution and getting the quilts to the victims. Just in the past month I have gotten it out, finished quilting it, and attached the binding to the front; needless to say, finding time to hand-stitch the back is a little more challenging than it used to be, but I plan to perservere.

FMQ & Label - Mystery Quilt
This quilt is a gift for a baby who MAY already have made a grand entrance into the world. I pieced it last fall, but had trouble getting the block of time I needed to quilt it until recently. It still needs a dedication and some binding, but it is actually further along than the sneak preview picture might suggest.

Pieced - Other Mystery Quilt
Two babies in three months.  I have a lot of quilting to do! This one is pieced, but not assembled, but I still have time before its recipient arrives.

In Progress - Christmas Traditions
I did finish blanket stitching the appliques on this guy, and stitch together the sashing, but now I'll admit I am having a bit of performance anxiety about putting together the center panel/tree section. The pattern calls for 12" tree blocks, blocks, and it turns out that the blocks as printed about about 11.5". So, I have to find some tasteful way to make up a 0.5" difference without making a mess of seams, cutting anything accidentally crooked, or using fabric that doesn't work in the spot. Sigh. And using a pre-assigned pattern with pre-assigned fabric was supposed to make things easier...

In Progress - Star Wars
Ok, so I haven't actually done anything with this since the LAST time I blogged about it. But, when I went through and organized all my project bins just prior to starting this post, I was reminded that this is actually an awesome bit of handiwork that I am fairly close to finishing. Laziness has caused me to procrastinate on making 2 more wonky stars (well, and mild indecisiveness about whether they should be wonky stars...), but after that it's assemble, FMQ, and thrill the heck out of the husband by keeping for us.

Merely a Twinkle - Unnamed Dinosaur Project
I couldn't resist the Dino Train Fabric when I saw it in stores, and though I am not sure quite *what* I want to make with it, I have to admit that this is currently one of my main motivators for getting other projects out of the queue - it's super cute fabric, and though I don't know of any little boys on their way, nothing says I can't make it for A. 

Merely a Twinkle - Unnamed Strawberry Shortcake Project
Some things, you just have to stash when you see. This is one of them. And now I have the perfect recipient, so all that's left is to find a pattern...I kind of like this one over at Blue Elephant Stitches.

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  1. So many plans! Sounds like you really want to be sewing but life is getting in the way! At least you will never be without a project, right? I have found hand sewing such as hexies to be good projects to pack up and pull out to sew when you have a free moment and they add up to some spectacular quilts. I sew around plastic instead of paper so I can pop templates out and reuse.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. Remind yourself it is the process and not the product that is important. Those "merely a twinkle" projects are every bit as fulfilling to dream about, as those "binding and labeling" projects are to complete. Maybe even better. In my quilt dreams, all the projects I have not yet started are still perfect! And in your defense, there really has been a rash of babies of late. Small tip. Make burps cloths, not quilts. They are a lot less work! ;•)