Sunday, July 31, 2011

Care Bear Stare I

My first actual quilt was for my niece Maiya, who recently turned three and is HUGE into the Care Bears. I found the panel at the Quilt Box and then after a LOT of looking, found the solids for the Rainbow at Hobby Lobby. Here it is in pieces:

And here are the rainbows for Sashing:

I went with the order of the rainbow in the panel rather than "traditional" rainbow order. For the corners, I had already picked this adorable fabric (also from the quilt box).

Which came in extra handy when it turned out I had tried to pair a 42" rainbow with a 45" panel. Here's a photo of piecing together the final product:

...with help from the cat.

And, here it is! The completed quilt top!

Next up, backing and quilting by Another Mary Ann.

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