Saturday, August 11, 2012

Throwing the Gauntlet

Alright, Unborn Baby G, here's the deal:

You are the family's first - and much anticipated - nephew, and we are all dying to meet you. Not only that, but while we all want you to grow as big and strong as possible in the womb, you are starting to really REALLY outgrow the space your poor mother can afford to give you with her small frame. You're also making her ribs burn and her digestion not work. We got all excited to meet you last Tuesday when the Dr tried some natural methods for induction, but it appears you'd prefer to wait inside a bit longer. That's OK.

BUT, before you decided that's where you want to stay for another 2 weeks, let me sweeten that whole "outside" deal for you. This is your quilt:

It is not quite done yet - I've had a lot to work on - but it is very close. This WILL be yours shortly after you are born. And in the meantime, I would like to offer you a challenge: I know how stubborn your genes predispose you to be, but I also know there's a competitive streak in your family*. So here's the deal. I am going to work on this quilt, night and day. And you are going to work up to that whole "getting born" thing. Whoever finishes first? Wins.

On your marks, get set... GO!

UPDATE: I have officially lost! Baby G was born a healthy 7 lbs, 15 oz on 8/14/2012, much to everyone's joy - and, I am sure, the epic relief of his mother. I'm maybe 30% of the way through the binding, but in light of all the excitement about it, I don't really mind at all.

*I know I should pick on someone my own size but trust me, if this gets you to come out even a day earlier, your mother (my SIL) will thank me.


  1. Questions for my Auntie:
    I hear it is very bright outside my mommy's tummy. So bright it could hurt my eyes. Is my quilt so bright it will hurt my eyes, too? I heard you tell my mommy you like bright colors. Right now I know I am wrapped in my mommy's love. Can you promise I will be similarly loved when I am wrapped in my quilt outside my mommy's tummy? You are working hard to finish my quilt. Will I need to work hard to be born or will my mommy do all the work? I think my quilt will be handsome. Do you think I will be handsome, too? I need answers before I start to race. Caution is in my nature and it is safe in here.

    1. All I can say is that Diane Mom C., your response reminds me so much of Diane Mom D! What you wrote is exactly something my mom would have written. Too funny!

  2. So glad the baby arrived and is healthy!!! :) Finish the binding yet? I'm sure he's eagerly awaiting a good snuggle in it.


    1. Binding was finished last Sunday; ie, three days after his birthday. He and mom are both doing well, and the USPS says the quilt should arrive this Monday. I am hoping he'll enjoy it!